An Update

June 6, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

As you may have heard through the media, the Santa Clara County district attorney has asked the state attorney general to review the alleged sexual assault case in which one or more De Anza students have been implicated. In an ongoing effort to keep you informed about these developments, I want to let you know that I applaud the district attorney's decision. The college welcomes the attorney general's review and another venue to ensure a full and fair resolution to this case.

Once again, I commend the very brave efforts of the three De Anza College soccer players who brought this matter to police and public attention.

As you know, De Anza acted swiftly and proactively when this issue first arose in suspending several baseball players from the team. We have held an assembly of all student athletes, discussing critical issues of personal choice and responsibility. The college is in the process of developing additional training and counseling about proper behavior both on and off the field--a curriculum that will be provided to athletes and available to all incoming De Anza College students. Counseling remains available to any student who requests it.

Thank you very much.

Brian Murphy

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