Thank You For An Outstanding Year

June 26, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

At the end of spring quarter, as we prepare for graduation on Saturday, I want to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for a truly remarkable year. As you may have noted from our course catalog, schedules and other college publications, our terrific Marketing/Communications staff have developed a new internal slogan: Simply the Best.

This is much more than a catchphrase. It reflects a deep commitment to excellence that has been reflected in so many ways this year. Just a sampling:

  • We made a commitment to outreach and retention, and we drove our enrollment over 4% for the year (and we're up more than 13% this summer).
  • The Academic Senate and Maryalice Bonilla have initiated a robust and thoughtful planning process for establishing Student Learning Outcomes, rooted in an elaboration of institutional core competences we seek in our graduates.
  • The Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies was recently awarded LEED® Platinum certification, and earlier this year won the top "Livable Buildings Award" from the Center for the Built Environment.
    Plans for the new Mediated Learning Center will designate that much-needed building a LEED® Platinum facility as well, while the new Visual and Performing Arts Center will be LEED® Silver. We eagerly await the opening of that state-of-the-art hub of creativity, on schedule for winter.
  • Food Services was named the finest college food services for overall quality in the United States (for colleges and universities with over 20,000 students).
  • Marketing/Communications won five statewide awards for the top-of-the-line publications and advertisements the office produced this year, including recruitment materials assuring prospective students that here at De Anza, we have "Just What You Need."
  • Athletics received the All-Sports Award from the Coast Conference for overall athletic excellence.
  • Our graduation, transfer, and success rates remain among the very highest in the state, and we've added several superb new faculty and staff to our already wonderful team.

In all these particulars there is a common thread: We will do our very best to ensure that our students learn in a supportive, environmentally secure and safe campus, with the finest faculty and professional staff. From the grounds staff and custodians who make this place shine to the faculty and staff who animate our students every day, De Anza College is simply the best.

I thank you and deeply admire you. This has been in all respects a great year.

Brian Murphy

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