New VP of Finance & Educational Resources Letha Jeanpierre

June 11, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to inform you that I have selected Interim Vice President of Finance & Educational Resources Letha Jeanpierre for the permanent position, pending board approval.

Since her interim appointment in January -- and during what is arguably the worst fiscal crisis this state has ever seen -- Letha has done an outstanding job, focusing on critical, difficult financial issues while never losing sight of our students and their needs. She has collaborated extensively within the college and across the district, working closely with faculty and staff and with her counterparts at Foothill and Central Services. Her knowledge, experience and skills -- in both finance and instruction -- will continue to facilitate cooperation and good decision-making in these challenging times.

Letha undertook the interim role during a previous transition period in 2003-04, doing a stellar job then as well. She served as dean of the Business & Computer Systems Division since 1999, first coming to De Anza as an accounting instructor in 1987.

I know Letha shares my pleasure in the fact that Finance & Educational Resources is staffed by committed, talented people. I appreciate the work that each of them does, and am pleased that Letha has accepted the role of providing leadership in her own area and across the college.

Thanks to the search committee for its work in helping to secure our vice president of Finance & Educational Resources. I look forward to the recommendations this summer of the committee currently looking for our next vice president of Student Services and am deeply grateful to the work of Robert Griffin over the past year of his purported retirement. We will miss him.

Please join me in congratulating Letha.


Brian Murphy

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