A Different Kind of Budget Town Hall

June 15, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

I want to invite all members of the college community to a special town hall meeting at 11 a.m. next Thursday, June 21, in the Fireside Room. (Given scheduling issues at the end of the quarter, this was the best of the few times available.)

The topic will be, of course, our college budget. We have a crisis. But we do not want to simply deliver another PowerPoint on the numbers; we want to talk together about how to address the crisis, and do so in a genuinely interactive way. Many of our colleagues have been working diligently in the three Planning and Budget Teams to address the necessary budget reductions and will be delivering preliminary recommendations to College Council on June 28.

At the same time, we are continuing to explore every option to reduce costs and generate revenue. At our town hall, we will hear your additional ideas. I have asked Veronica Neal of the Equity Office, Edmundo Norte, dean of Intercultural/International Studies, and Jackie Reza of Staff Development to assist in designing a meeting format that will maximize dialogue.

As you know, Chancellor Thor has established, with the collective bargaining units, the Budget (Re)Balancing Options Clearinghouse (BROC), composed of representatives from all constituency groups. I will take recommendations from the town hall to the group.

I look forward to your participation on Thursday. Thank you.


Brian Murphy

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