After the Election

Nov. 9, 2016

Dear Students, Faculty, Classified Professionals and Administrators,

I know that all of us are still processing what happened last night in the national election, and the next few days are likely to be filled with high emotion and, for many, anxiety. I am writing to affirm that the college is a place where we can hold deep divisions in opinion, but treat each other with respect and affection. I trust that our post-election conversations--in and out of the classroom--will demonstrate our capacity to listen to each other and respect the diversity of opinions and emotions we have.

Moreover, nothing in the national election changes anything regarding De Anza College's commitment to the principles of inclusion and equity, or our commitment to offer support to all members of our community. With all the talk of deportation and the banning of specific religions, we need to remind ourselves that election rhetoric is a long way from actual policy, and that we hold all members of our community--with or without documentation, regardless of immigration status or religious affiliation--as full and protected members. We have no intention of ever abandoning these commitments, and we will provide sanctuary to all students regardless of rhetoric.

In a speech, Martin Luther King Jr. said that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. We have a country deeply divided on how to get there, but let's keep each other in safety and respect as we work together here.

In community,
Brian Murphy

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