What Is Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge serves a diverse community of college students, including those who are first-time, first-generation or low-income, with an engaging and intensive two-and-a-half day academic program.  

  • Student participants will gain valuable information and have the opportunity to connect with caring faculty, staff and peer mentors representing many programs and resources BEFORE the first day of school!
  • Program activities include motivational speakers, cultural experiences, and educational workshops on how to thrive at De Anza!
  • There will be opportunities to build community, meet other students, and learn meaningful ways to support one another through your first year. 

Who is Eligible?

Any first-time first-year student who has applied to De Anza for Fall 2024 is eligible to attend Summer Bridge! Students who will particularly benefit from our program are the first in their families to attend college or students looking for a lot of support and resources to navigate college.

Students who plan to enroll in one of our Student Success and Retention Services learning communities may be required to attend Summer Bridge. You can learn more about these programs, their requirements, and how to enroll by visiting the SSRS website.

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More Details

The 2024 Summer Bridge Program will be held on Aug. 26-28 (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday through Wednesday) on the De Anza College campus.

Why participate in Summer Bridge?

  • Increase your awareness of how to access college resources and find a community before school starts.
  • Get started on your comprehensive student educational plan
  • Meet great peer mentors, tutors and inspiring community speakers
  • Learn what you need to succeed in college, through evaluation of academic and personal skills 

Check out last year's flier!

Summer Bridge Schedule-At-A-Glance (2023)

How to Join

If you would like more information about Summer Bridge 2024, please complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to De Anza College
  2. Make sure the Assessment Office has your high school transcript, in order to determine your English placement.
  3. Complete the interest form here to stay in touch and receive information about Summer Bridge registration. If you've already completed an SSRS Interest Form for our learning communities, you DO NOT need to fill out this form.

Because space is limited, applicants are encouraged to complete our interest form as early as possible.

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