Online Tutoring Strategies and Limitations

Welcome! Online tutoring is limited for a total of 8 hours per quarter, so use De Anza’s Student Success Center services ( as your first and most frequent option--save online tutoring hours for critical/major assignments, and when face-to-face services are unavailable, such as, evenings and weekends.  

Be efficient!

The online writing center uses 42 minutes per submission, so save your hours for high-stakes assignments as you may only submit several total essays. Optimize your live online tutoring minutes with multiple questions per login.

Visit the SSC homepage for accessing peer help in:

  • Business and other subjects at the General Subjects Tutoring Center
  • ESL, world languages and speech communications at the Listening & Speaking Center
  • Math and sciences at the Math, Science & Technology Resource Center
  • Writing, reading and ESL at the Writing & Reading Center

Questions or requests?

If you are have exhausted your vendor tutoring hours for the quarter, please use SSC peer tutoring Submit questions or requests to:

Melissa Aguilar

Diana Alves de Lima

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